22/07/2021 Carmen Amos

Juice Film Committed to GREENER Pastures

As we take a step back to reflect on the past year and a half, we’ve realised that ANYTHING is possible. 

Most of us thought that we would never live to see an actual pandemic at play, and yet here we are, surviving, struggling, adapting, and facing unforeseen challenges. 

We’ve collectively mourned the loss of our once precious “normal”, seeking comfort and connection and at a time of universal suffering, some in more ways than others, we’ve witnessed and been inspired by great acts of kindness. 


“Nobody can do everything. But everybody can do something.” 

The Juice Film team is taking our commitment to sustainability to a new level as we grow a little bit greener every year.   We’ve launched our new ETHOS page which highlights a few tips and tricks for greening your office, home and film sets.

We have always been committed to making our industry a more eco-friendly environment, and with the help of industry affiliates such as Wrap Zero and Eco-Ninjas, there is no excuse for not adopting greener strategies into our productions. 

We can all make better choices and together we can make a difference, there is, after all, NO PLANET B!

Keep an eye on our Instagram and Facebook pages over the next few weeks for our green inspirations and read our Green Policy here.  

Sustainability is as much about people as it is about our planet. Those who can, DO, and what better way to start than in our own backyard. 

We are inspired by some incredible organisations and individuals making sizable contributions to their communities, and we have grown our network of non-profits and community upliftment projects. 

Waves for Change, 123 Braai, Servants of Sustenance, The Homestead for Boys and GreenPop are just a few organisations that humble and amaze us. 

We encourage you to check out on our new ETHOS page.

Keep an eye out over the next few weeks for more info on how you can learn about and contribute to our Community Heroes!    

In closing, BE KIND and in the words of the formidable Jackie DeShannon, what the world needs now is love, sweet love. 

Watch this space.   

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