13/10/2021 Carmen Amos

Juice in Full HD: Did you miss us?

Spring has blossomed in the Mother City which means one thing: Season is here!!

We cannot wait to give you a warm Juicy welcome back to Cape Town. The office is buzzing, and our Juice teams are READY!

Due to quarantines and travel restrictions, it may have been a little while since you travelled to our fair shores.  We thought it apt to remind you of a few good reasons why South Africa remains one of the top film production service destinations in the world.

Entry to South Africa is open to all countries – see more here –  subject to the usual visa requirements.

No quarantine is required however you do still need to arrive with a valid negative PCR test no older than 72 hours prior to your departure. 

Guidelines and protocols on set are in place, and are implemented diligently to ensure the safety of our clients and our crew at all times. 

For all you need to know about filming in SA during covid, read the latest Guidelines for Filming in South Africa. 


Spring and Summer are undoubtedly the best times to film in South Africa. Our temperatures are moderate to warm, with up to 14.5 hours of natural daylight.

Our winter rainfall has been good with wheat fields and meadows that should thrive until November. 


We have embraced technology during these times and successfully mastered the art of remote shooting and streaming.

We have access to top notch gear and technicians who are able to facilitate remote recce’s and shoots for clients all around the world, and our teams are now experts in the art of remote shoot communication.

What started out as a test shoot back in 2020 has turned into a fully-fledged service offering. We have practised and perfected the craft in this crazy period of time.


Ever wondered why we say it three times?

It’s because we have locations in abundance that are diverse, affordable and easy to access! 

In and around the city we have access to city skyscrapers, winding country roads, breath-taking landscapes, suburban residential, blue oceans and white sand beaches, harbours, forests and urban jungles, and much more.

Paris, London, USA and Milan. Our locations are out of this world which means they can pretty much double for anywhere in this world.


There is a very good reason they call us the rainbow nation. We’ve got talent in every shape, size and colour. From kids, teens and tweens, young adults and those Driving Miss Daisy, our people are beautiful and diverse.

Our relationship with world class casting directors is solid.  They will meet your casting briefs with both skill and determination. 


Last but certainly not least is our amazing crew.

South African film crew are some of the most dedicated, professional and skilled people on the planet. They have been yearning to get back on set since the pandemic started, and are more eager than ever to deliver their usual great quality service. 

SA HOD’s supersede expectations, and our Juicy production teams are able to make miracles and magic happen.  And always with a smile.

Please see more beautiful locations, talent and behind the scenes magic on our Facebook and Instagram accounts this month as we welcome you all back to Cape Town –

Your production home away from home. We can’t wait to see you all soon.

 For any questions or further information you may need, please do not hesitate to contact us.

With love Martin and Carmen

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