06/05/2015 Juice Film


After over 20 years being permanently employed, Helmke has decided to go freelance.

She is at a stage in her life where she needs more control of her time – to be able to choose when to work, when to rest and when to play.
With Juice evolving into quite a busy little company, it is seemingly not able to afford her that control.

As sad as we are to see her take one step away from Juice, we are very excited at the prospects that it offers her.

There is more to life other than work, and we are happy to see Helmke embrace that.

Having said that, we are looking forward to having Helmke continue to work at Juice on a multitude of jobs in her freelance capacity, and know she will always treat Juice Film as her home away from home.

She will always be a part of our “family”.

Good luck “H”

Martin and Carmen