18/09/2020 Carmen Amos

South Africa Opens International Borders

Our President addressed the nation last night and finally said the words we have been waiting for… South Africa moves to level 1!


As much as this is the most exciting news we have heard since we were able to start shooting, it does come with some restrictions.

We are waiting for clarity on the exact nature of these restrictions, and how they may effect individuals countries.

But here is what we do know right now and want to share with you:


  1. South Africa’s borders will reopen for business and leisure from 1st October 2020
  2. All those arriving to South Africa will be required to show proof of a negative Covid 19 test done 72 hours or less prior to departure
  3. All those arriving in South Africa will be screened upon entry. Anyone exhibiting Covid 19 symptoms will be required to go into quarantine until acquiring a negative result
  4. A curfew will remain in place but has been extended from 24h00-04h00. We can apply for exception should we need to do night shoots or work beyond the curfew
  5. Social distancing rules still apply and the wearing of masks is mandatory
  6. We are ready to shoot!


Juice Film continues to practice safe working protocols both in our office and on set.

We are committed to shooting safely, responsibly and still giving you our clients, the best shooting experience you can have in South Africa albeit under the ‘new normal’.

Please let us know if you have any queries or would like to chat to us.

Take care, be safe and stay healthy.


All our love

Martin and Carmen