17/07/2020 Carmen Amos


Dear Juice Film clients, friends, crew, suppliers and Cape Town’s greater film industry,

We wanted to reach out and send an update on the current status quo of filming in South Africa and what’s been happening at Juice Film.

Filming in South Africa is open although our borders remain closed. For the immediate future all international shoots will need to be shot remotely.

Juice Film has used this time to test the technology and communication channels surrounding remote shooting.  We have successfully run 2 fully remote test shoots and the results have been amazing!  We are ready to shoot remotely!

Our suppliers have all implemented strict Covid-19 protocols in their respective workplaces, and our local SA crew and cast are up to speed and understand the new norm around sanitization and keeping safe working protocols on set.

A few of the restrictions currently in place are:

  • Crew/talent size is limited to 75 pax on set (we can separate base camp from the set – so we can have 75 on set and others at basecamp, as long as the number on set never exceeds 75)
  • The wearing of face masks are mandatory other than for talent during a performance

We continue to work wisely and keep the risks as low as possible to prevent the spread of Covid-19. 

We are here should you have any queries or would like to chat to us.

We are ready to shoot!

Take care, be safe and stay healthy.

All our love,

Martin and Carmen