04/08/2021 Carmen Amos

Our Community Heroes

From eco-warriors to community heroes. Being kinder to our environment is only half the battle. Sustainability is every bit as much about our people as it is about the planet.

“The most joyful errand can heal our broken humanity.” 

We are constantly inspired by random acts of kindness, especially those that stem from our very own film industry family.

Local chaperone Andrew Raeburn is the heart behind 123 Braai, a voluntary association of caring souls who share their time, fire and food with others in need. 123braai focuses on the forgotten woodcutting communities of the ‘Rooipad’ who are without exposure or access to regular charity organisations.  

Another dynamic and inspiring team of community heroes serving their community are chaperones Bash Kariel, Achmat Van Der Schyff and Yusree Van Der Schyff. Together with the help of friends and family, Servants of Sustenance aim to serve the hungry one punnet at a time. 

The NPO was created to provide food to surrounding communities suffering from hunger as a result of poverty and job loss during the pandemic. 

A few more inspirational organisations we are committed to:

Waves for Change:

W4C provides a child-friendly mental health service to vulnerable and differently-abled young people living in unstable communities. Through connections to safe spaces, caring mentors, and a 12-month weekly Surf Therapy curriculum, W4C gives children skills to cope with stress, regulate behaviour, build healing relationships and make positive life choices.

Support this initiative here: https://www.waves-for-change.org/ 


CAFDA is managed by a professional team including administrative staff, social workers and community development workers. Together with their extensive volunteer base CAFDA provides education, training and social development programs within the community and at their training centre, which targets the needs of the community.

To support these community heroes, visit: https://cafda.co.za/ 

Home of Hope:

Home of Hope is a non-profit organisation that cares for abused and abandoned children in South Africa, especially those suffering from Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorders (FASD) – permanent brain damage caused by prenatal exposure to alcohol.

Home of Hope believes that every child has the right to reach their full potential. They strive to provide a loving and stable home environment addressing the child’s emotional and therapeutic needs including education and schooling, be that in mainstream or their special needs school, Amathemba – the first and only school in South Africa catering to children with FASD.

To support visit: https://www.homeofhope.co.za/

Ocean Pledge:

Two words. Watch Seaspiracy! Ocean Pledge is all about the power of the individual. 

Their belief is that if every person commits to one single action toward ocean preservation, then collectively we have the power to create the groundswell of change that the ocean so desperately needs.

Ocean Pledge is about collaboration with ocean-inspired projects that aim to nurture motivation for positive change that comes from deep within.

For more information, visit: https://oceanpledge.org/

Ons Plek:

“Ons Plek – a place for us!” was the delighted response of Cape Town’s invisible street children, the girls, when Ons Plek Shelter opened for them in 1988. Ons Plek is a 24-hour assessment centre and the only intake shelter for girls in Cape Town.

This residential safe-house has 16 beds, but can accommodate up to 25 girls on mattresses. Providing 24-hour accommodation, counselling and education while undertaking the complex reunification process is the key to their success.

Visit https://www.onsplek.org.za/ for more information. 

The Homestead:

The mission is to ensure that there are no children living, working or begging on the streets of Cape Town. This is achieved through prevention, outreach, intake, residential therapy, family reunification and job creation projects.

Support this initiative by visiting: https://homestead.org.za/ 

Tom Ro Haven:

Tom Ro Haven rescues abused and neglected horses and ponies and rehabilitates them at their premises in Noordhoek, Cape Town. The horses and ponies at the Haven are then used in equine-assisted healing programs, focusing on children and young adults deemed to be at risk, or who have suffered from physical or emotional trauma.

By using horses to heal and awaken empathy, compassion and respect, the Haven aims to not only change the lives of horses, but to positively impact the local community too.

For more information, visit: https://www.tomrohaven.co.za/ 


The mission at the Neighbourhood Old Age Homes (NOAH) is to restore dignity, respect and life-affordability to social pensioners. They ensure that social pensioners have their basic needs met, giving them a sense of purpose enabling them to contribute to their own families.

Find out more on: https://www.noah.org.za/ 

To promote or create awareness around an organisation that matters to you, our new Facebook community page is coming soon! Visit our new Ethos page to find out more about our Community Heroes. 

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