30/03/2021 Carmen Amos

Douglas Avery – Director – Axa Cyber – Grand Bazar

Firstly, I’d like to thank you for enabling a pretty stellar production for this AXA job under very challenging circumstances.  Your ability, demeanour and willingness to roll with additional requests from creative and production standpoints was top notch and insanely appreciated.  And that you do it all with charm and good humour makes what we do feel less like a job and more like getting paid to hang out with good friends.

It has been quite some time since I had last worked in Cape Town, mainly for the distance from my current place of residence in LA, but I was instantly reminded of how much I like shooting here. The crews are always amazing, as I’ve often said the best crews are here, London and LA.  I am happy that Renaud has introduced me to the world of Juice, as I’ve said, through no fault of my own, I feel a little bit like a Cape Town production house slut, as I’ve worked with so many places. But I look forward in the future to “settling down and having a few kids” with Juice Film.